Teaching pattern

At Sanskar, we have a very dynamic and unique teaching pattern. Each and every topic of the text book is taught to them by giving word to word explanation. Difficult words are made to write separately with their synonyms for better understanding. Oxford publication textbooks are used for classes 1-5.

Question and answers are written on the board and sufficient time is given to the students to write it down in their notebooks. Each illustration is solved on the board and the sums of similar nature are given to the students for practice. Practicals are undertaken in Science and Computer Science along with the theory for all the students.

Every now and then, one D.S.P (Doubt solving period) is arranged for every subject for clearing the queries of the students after completion of the lesson

Pattern Description
Formal classroom By Qualified train teachers with chalk, talk and walk method to delivered content lively and effectively.
T.V. lab For Audio- Visual presentation especially for English, Hindi, Gujarati Rhymes, Phonetics and Moral stories. The school has established a well furnished tv lab equipped with 52 inch plasma Tv.
Teaching learning material Through Teaching learning material like charts, wooden cutouts, flash cards and pictures students can grip the basic knowledge and understand the concept in a better way.
Projects Students are given Projects related to G.K., Festivals, Historical monuments of Kutch, Importance of National Symbols etc.
Oral Presentation As Teaching Leaning Process is to way process all the students are given a chance for oral presentation In the form of speech, rhymes, conversation questions, G.K.etc.
Activity base learning Activity base learning is an active teaching learning methodology. Teacher can make teaching more interesting by this method, A lot of activities done in our school. We arrange several activities to develop the students personality in many ways.