Transportation Form

By submitting this Request for Sanskar Nursery School Transportation Services, I affirm the above student is enrolled in the school. I acknowledge and agree that submission of this request does not entitle my student to transportation services and / or designated transportation routes.
I understand that, in the event I receive transportation services, it is my responsibility to ensure that my student arrives to the designated bus stop on time for morning pick up and that I make arrangements for my student’s care supervision following afternoon drop-off. I understand that school is not responsible for, and will not provide, supervision of my child at designated bus stop(s), nor will school monitor individual student use of the bus stop(s) designated in this Request. I will review with my students the procedures for Borading and exiting from the bus, as well as rules for student conduct while riding the bus. I understand that school transportation priviges may be revoked in accordance with the school transportation student conduct policy.
I, the parent guardian of the above student, have carefully reviewed, understand, and accept the provisions set forth in this Request for school transportation Service form.