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Sanskar School

Quality education with moral values

Every individual seeks for a school that provides an holistic approach towards education and personal development and every child looks up to a mentor to guide them through their life, they will be strong to face any obstacles in their life, every individual must stand up for themselves and work for the betterment of the society. At Sanskar we are trying to become the best school in Kachchh by focusing on providing a holistic approach for the overall development of the student, by providing various services, cultural activities, programs, sports and many more. Sanskar has a wide vision, massive mission and clear commitment to impart quality education with moral values to develop every child into a sensible and responsible citizen of the world. We firmly believe in “Sowing and nurturing skilful knowledge around real life’’. We focus on providing the best education and all-round development for an individual. We provide workshops for mothers and also activities activity-based learning which is rare to find in various schools. Our aim is to do the best we can to serve an individual with adequate needs, our first aim is to make a person a good human being if he/she fails to do we have failed ourselves and this is the philosophy we live by.

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School assemblies are an excellent resource for kids to learn more about the school, develop their values, and provide an exciting venue for them to grow and develop into a valuable member of society and the outlying community. School assembly is conducted every day from 7:25 to 7:45 a.m. different prayers for different days are presented by the saptakvrund committee in melodious way.

Week Celebrations

According to state board academic calendar school celebrates various week celebrations based on different themes like student parents counseling, yoga sibir, shramsibir, Math – science week, gyanotsav, heath & hygiene week, I.T. week, fruit & vegetable week, language week etc…

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To fulfil the purpose of unity in diversity the school celebrates all kinds of religious and national festivals like Guru Purnima, Janmastmi, RamzanIdd, Independence day, Ganesh chturthi, Savantsari, Gandhi jayanti, Navrastri, Diwali, Christmas, Pateti, Kite flying day, Re-public day, Mahashivratri, Holi, AshadhiBeej, Mahavirjayantietc.


Annual day celebration is the most charming and loving celebration of any school, sanskar school celebrate its theme based annual function under the title “Spandan” every year for two days respectively for English medium and gujarati medium in its own unique style. The soul of functions are students.


Social Concern

 We as a school are always eager to contribute something valuable  for the development of the society. as a  part of social responsibility, the school runs various activities like vyasan mukti saptah, world population day, aids day, tree plantation, kisaan din, clean bhuj … green bhuj, world water day, sena din, world environment day etc. We  contribute for the rescue fund during natural calamities. By associating our students,the school brings awareness among the young minds and prepare them to serve selflessly for the society.


School arranges tours & excursion for the students to have the spirit of joy and adventure, students get a chance to visit historical places. Apart from visit to the local places, We organize industrial visits, institutional visit and visit places close to nature. By being a part of such visits students can get a chance to understand  nature and industrial workings.expands their knowledge apart from what they study inside the classroom. Such experiences create the spirit of brotherhood.


UR Honour

School organises an annual event every year called “UR HONOUR” where students are recognized for their talents and awards are given to them. UR Honour is a grand event and every student in the school looks forward to it.

Permanent Projects

As part of co scholastic activities every year school organizes daynamic permanent projects like meghdhanush, swarvihar, Vigaan – (the source & Force of life), funfest, cult fest, social science exploration to explore talent of the student of district.

Director's message


Education is what remains after one has forgotten what one has learned in school.


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