Eligibility Criteria

SR NO Class Document
Class 1 English & Gujarati Medium

1) Age must be above 5 years
2) Students attending pre-school and joining is preferred

Class 2 to 10 English & Gujarati Medium
  1. Passed from Previous class GSEB granted school
  2. students require migrating certificate if migrated from other state.


Class 11 English & Gujarati Medium

1)  Passed from GSEB or other state board
2) We offer Gujarati or Hindi as optional subject for English Medium only.
3) For student coming from other state migration certificate is must.

Class 12 English & Gujarati Medium

1) Passed 10th standard from GESB or other state board
2) Passed from GSEB or other state board
3) Any student migrating from other state requires a migration certificate.
4) Subjects offered as per class 11th marks sheet.
5) For optional elective computer or secretarial practice is available.

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