• It is necessary for the parents to visit the school and to be aware about their children’s progress at least once.
  • On the next day of child’s absence, the parents must give leave note to their child. At the end of the year whoever’s attendance is less than BO% will not be eligible to appear in the annual exam and the parents will totally be responsible for this.
  • The one, who is below 18 must not drive any vehicle, although few parents do not understand the seriousness and as a result accidents might take place. If that is the case, School will not be responsible for any kind of similar incidents .
  • No vehicles will be allowed in the school compound without valid driving license.
  • The child’s parents are responsible to pay the sum of the damages done to the school furniture, electrical appliances, computer parts, sport materials, library assets, windows, doors of the school buses or the lab equipment to the school management committee and will have to provide written assurance to the committee for not happening again.
  • It is prohibited by the government that students must not bring and use the mobiles in the school. The school reserves its rights to capture the mobile and penalize the student who brings the mobile and after consideration with the parent to take the steps to the extent to terminate the child.
  • It is a co-educational school and hence if any one’s character, behavior, language doesn’t seem proper (Seem Improper) will be called personally to the school and will be warned beforehand for the future steps or the steps will be taken to the extent to terminate the child.
  • There will be no intimation from the school to pay the fees. The parents should avail the written information about which installment is to be paid when. This time the fees will have to be paid by crossed cheque on the name of ‘Sanskar School & College – Shur only. The parents will have to pay the sum of penalty as per the duration of the delay.
  • The parents of the child, who is irregular in Home work, indiscipline or incomplete uniform, will have to come to the school whenever is called.
  • The fee paid in the school is non-refundable. Yet, the committee of the school can decide whether to refund the fees and will inform the parents. If once L.C. is taken, at the time of re-­admission the decided re-admission fees will have to be paid.
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