Teaching methodology

The school follows teaching pattern according to guidelines of Gujarat State Education Board (G.S.E.B).Teaching learning process is child centered and so this process is applied in an interesting and effective way

  • Classroom Teaching

An expert and a qualified teacher use a chalk, talk and walk method to deliver content efficiently and effectively. A Classroom enhances a student to visualise and create a vivid imagination which challenges them to look at things from thier perspective.

  • Practical Lab Work

It is conducted under the guidance of an expert teacher to apply their innovative idea in an interesting way. This helps the students to learn science in an interesting way that helps them learn more effectively. We provide precise attention for students working in the labs.

  • Interactive Learning

As it is said a picture can teach a thousand words easily, the facility of Interactive learning makes the vision of the students broader and better to understand the topic more easily. Having an interaction also helps the students grasp knowledge quickly and efficeintly we focus on making the class as interactive as possible for grasping.

  • Group Discussions

Being a part of a group discussion students get an opportunity to express their views, thoughts and opinions and by doing so they can sharpen the expression ability. It helps students understand others perspective and helps them anaylse and question the same.

  • Projects and Assignments

As per government academic policy students are given project and assignment work to clear the concept and to generate creativity they get the opportunity to work together on the same topic and exchange their views and ideas and thoughts. This helps them become proactive at a very young age and helps them multitask.

  • Oral Presentations

As teaching learning process is two way process, all the students are given a chance for oral presentations in the form of speech, elocution, storytelling and news reading etc. This provides good communication skills, confidence improves their vocabulary and creates future orators.

  • Teacher's Training Program

The school exclusively conducts teachers training program to develop skills of all the faculty members, to impart education in an interesting, effective and productive way. This helps the teachers understand the changes in a particular subject and increase their knowledge in it.

  • Activity Based Learning

As the child is the core of the whole academic system, every child loves to learn with resourceful based creative activities that helps them clear concepts in a clever way, develops team bulding, leadership, interpersonal skiils and a brilliant vision.

  • Library Work

Visiting the library compulsory twice in a week, all the students can borrow various reference books relevant with the topic and enhance their knowledge by quoting the words of the authentic writers and broaden their thinking capacity. As books changes one’s life and perspective and develops a habit to read which is essential for them.

  • Expert Lectures

The school often invites experts to cater their knowledge to the students about language, science, technology, medical, health & hygiene, sports, music etc. This helps students understand a particular topic and question them to make it clear and provides information in a particular industry.

  • Mother's Workshop

The school also organizes the mother’s workshop to bring up the child in a way that develops the real self in him/her. It helps the mother understand their child in a way they never expected. Accordingly mothers are informed to understand the child’s psychology and bring up the child to create a better human being.

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